Quick RubyGems Command References for Jekyll

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Apprently gem --help would be helpful but just too long to read, the following commands are just for quick references purpose.

  • Install/Uninstall gem

    gem install jekyll
    gem uninstall jekyll
  • Install specific version of gem

    gem install pygments.rb --version 0.4.2
  • Uninstall specific versions of gem

    • Prompt 'Select gem to uninstall' and let the user choose

      gem uninstall jekyll
    • Uninstall specific version

      gem uninstall jekyll --version 1.0.1
      gem uninstall jekyll --version '<1.0.1'
    • Remove all old versions of jekyll

      gem cleanup jekyll
  • List all local gem

    gem list --local
  • List all versions of gem

    gem list --all
  • List gem with specific name

    gem list jekyll
  • Update installed gem

    gem update
  • Update installed system gem

    gem update --system