Yi Zeng

Senior Software Engineer - Berlin, Germany

About Me

After completing my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at University of Canterbury, I jumped into the IT industry without the slightest hesitation.

Three years at Verizon Connect helped me kick off my career and taught me how to work as a team player to deliver premium SAAS applications. Then another three years in Harcourts Technology, I developed, implemented, maintained and supported the core corporate information systems used by Harcourts Real Estate.

Outside of work, I participated in various open source projects mostly in Ruby. I also created my own project strafo.app - An Analytics App for Your Strava Running Best Efforts, PBs/PRs and Races, which helps more than 3000 athletes and recruited another developer working on it.

Apart from the coding life, I also enjoy lots of sports. In 2014, I started doing some recreational running and I'm absolutely loving it. Currently I regularly take part in various local running events and expecting to improve my half marathon time furthermore.

My Blog

I irregularlly write few things about I learnt in development.

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